Web-Linked Form Submissions

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Injury Master provides the ability to submit forms directly into Injury Master via Web-Linked form, without requiring an incident / claim to be created before adding documents.


Web-linked forms are system “smart” forms which capture information dynamically. This allows the information to be fed into other areas of IM, rather than double-handling paper forms.

There are a number of ways in which web-linked forms can be beneficial.

  1. Web-linked forms can be submitted by anyone who is provided the form link. This avoids the need to login to IM to generate the form and allows non-IM users to submit forms. This is useful for forms such as witness forms, claim forms, and some incident forms.
  2. Some incidents may be quite minor, and have no consequences such as claims, time loss or medical / other expenses. Some businesses may not want to capture such events at the Incident level, but still want a record of all minor incidents.
  3. Web-linked incident forms capture all appropriate information about an incident, including if there were multiple injuries, monetary loss or other complicating factors. The Incident level in IM can only capture 1 outcome, meaning important information may be missed.


Events & Outcomes

It is important to make the distinction between incident EVENTS and incident OUTCOMES. A single EVENT can spur multiple OUTCOMES. 

Each web-linked form represents information pertaining to 1 EVENT, and can then be moved to 1 or more OUTCOMES, such as Incidents or Claims.

For more information on moving web-link forms to incidents / claims, please refer to Moving Form Submissions.


Viewing Form Submissions

Forms submitted via web-link will first appear in the Current tab of the Form Submissions area. By default, Form Submissions is accessed from the FILES tab in the Navigation Bar.


The number of web-link forms in the Form Submissions area is represented by the orange number next to the tab. This number will only decrease once a form has been moved out of Form Submissions, either by archiving the form, or by moving it to a new or existing incident / claim.

For further information, please refer to Moving Form Submissions.


Form Reports

Reports can be created upon request which reflect all data captured in Web-linked forms. All web-linked forms can be reported on, regardless of whether the form has been moved to an incident / claim or is simply sitting in the Form Submissions area.

Whereas reports based on Incident captures statistics on OUTCOMES (such as injury type), reports based on Web-linked forms captures statistics on EVENTS, allowing for more focused management.


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