Reduce Document Size

Last modified by MasterApps Support on 2021/06/18 01:43

Emails sent from Injury Master cannot be sent if an attachment is too large. To allow for multiple large attachments in a single email, PDF and image Documents / Files in IM can have their size reduced.

To optimise a file / document (decrease size or increase quality), navigate to the Files library or the Documents area of an Incident / Claim. Select the drop-down options next to the file for optimisation, and select Optimise File (reduce size).


The Optimise Document window appears, offering the following choices for PDF optimisation:

  • Screen (Low Quality)
  • E-Book (Medium Quality) – (Default)
  • General (High Quality)
  • Print (High Quality)
  • Prepress (Highest Quality)

Image files’ quality is determined by percentages at intervals of 5% (default 80%).

Files can also be converted to greyscale by selecting the tick-box, further reducing its size.

The RESULT box then displays a comparison of Original Size and Optimised Size of the file, with a green “thumb-up” icon for reduced size, and a red “thumbs-down” icon for increased size. A preview of the optimised file can also be viewed by selecting the Preview button.


To apply the changes, select Optimise. Optimised files will then display options to Download Original File, or Revert to Original File.



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