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The Injury Master Dashboard Actions summary shows a list of pending actions that are due for completion. Pending actions come under one of 3 categories, with a bracketed number indicating total pending actions. 

  • MY ACTIONS – Actions assigned to you
    • Orange notification indicates INCOMPLETE actions
    • Red notification indicates NEW actions
  • MY REQUESTED – Actions you assigned to other users
  • OTHER'S ACTIONS – All other actions assigned to other users

Select the heading drop-down arrow to hide or show actions of that category.


Items in the Actions list include the following information:

  • Coloured icon tile indicating Action Type
  • Orange ‘[ ! ]’ tile indicating High Priority
  • Red or green ‘clock’ tile indicating action overdue / not overdue
  • Name of worker action relates to
  • Action Content (view full description by selecting ...More)
  • Name of user action is assigned to (or Unassigned)

Actions can be completed from the Dashboard by selecting Mark Completed from the gear drop-down. Full list of pending actions can be viewed by selecting Show All.



Filtering Actions


Actions can be filtered in the following ways:

  • ASSIGNED TO USER - Contact responsible for completion of action
  • REQUESTED BY USER - User who created action
  • TYPE - Action Type
  • HIGH PRIORITY (Yes / No)
  • OVERDUE (Yes / No)
  • SHOW ARCHIVED (Yes / No)

For further information on Action Types, please refer to Note Types.


Incident / Claim Dashboard Actions

Actions relating to individual Incidents / Claims can also be viewed in the Pending Actions summary of the Incident / Claim Dashboard.


The Pending Actions summary provides a Quick Add button. Selecting this will display the Action Types, from which you can easily add a new action. 

Actions in the Incident / Claim Dashboard display the following information:

  • Action Content
  • Contact assigned
  • Form requested (when appropriate)
  • Date requested - User requested
  • Coloured Status Flags

Some Pending Actions can be completed from the Dashboard by selecting the Mark Completed button as seen above.

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