Queensland NWE Calculator

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The NWE calculator, which calculates Normal Weekly Earnings for Workers Compensation claims attached to a Queensland Policy, is accessed through the Wage Compensation Setup page. 

Using the NWE Calculator

The calculator is split into four sections. Some fields will automatically be complete based on information already entered into the system. 


There are blue ? next to some fields, this is a help tool. Please select for further information regarding the field. 
For any fields that are not applicable leave as 0.00.

Employment & Payroll 


  • Date of Incident - this field will show the date as previously entered in the system.
    If the date is incorrect it will need to be amended under the Edit Claim tab.

  • Weeks Employed - number of weeks the worker has been employed prior to the date of the incident.

  • Last Payroll Date - the last pay date prior to the date of the incident. 

  • Payroll Frequency - how often the worker is paid i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Pre-Injury Payments


  • Based on the information entered into the Employment & Payroll section above the pay periods for the previous 52 weeks of employment (or number of weeks employed if employment is less than 52 weeks) will show. 

  • Enter the pre-injury payments for each pay period. 
    If you are unsure of what payments should be included please select Specific Inclusions and Specific Exclusions link for a description of what can be considered earnings. 

  • Multiple payments can be directly pasted from Excel.



Once the Pre-Injury Payments have been complete the calculations fields (Mode, Mode Frequency, Median & Mean) will show relevant calculations. These are used to calculate the Normal Weekly Earnings. 

Normal Weekly Earnings


Once the Calculations fields are complete the NWE field will automatically show the Normal Weekly Earnings calculation.
The NWE field can be manually overridden if required.

Save Changes 
Once complete select Save Changes to return to the Wage Compensation Setup Page.


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