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When adding notes to Incidents / Claims in Injury Master, some Note Types offer Note Templates for the Content of notes. There are a range of Note Templates available in IM by default, but new templates can also be created for your account.


Each Note Type has its own unique list of Templates. Once the Note Type is selected, the “Select from a template” drop down list appears. Select one of the templates from the list and it will auto-populate the content field.



Adding Note Templates

The full library of Note Templates can be viewed from SETTINGS --> Note Types & Templates --> Note Templates. The templates name and content are displayed, organised by the Note Type they are specific to.


To create a new template, select the blue Add Note Template button. The following window will open:


Choose the Note Type for the template to be specified to. Then choose a Name and type the template Content. You can also add a number to Order, which will arrange the templates in the list. Select Add to create the template.

From the Note Templates list, the templates can then be edited, deleted, or deleted in bulk by ticking the boxes or by Select All from the Select list, and the selecting Delete.



Other Note Template Options


The Note Templates list can be further customised from the blue drop-down list. The following options appear:

  • Import Note Templates
  • Reset to Default List
  • Enable Company Specific Note Templates

For further information, please refer to Importing Data, Reset to System Defaults or Company-Specific Entries.


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