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When you select to view a Claim you will be directed to the Claims Full View page, as shown below:


There are multiple tabs which contain specific information relating to the Claim. The dashboard is the first tab you will see when viewing the Claims full data. 


The dashboard has the following features, as shown in the image below:


1. Status Summary 

Provides a brief summary on the status of the claim and is entered manually by the user. 


If information is already entered select the change button at the end of the text, a box will then appear allowing you to edit the text. 

2. Workflow 

The workflow feature allows you to see the status of a claim broken down by the steps of the claims management process and highlights the next step in the process.

The workflow status can be seen on the dashboard page of the individual claim.


It is an effective tool that summarises the claim status as well as how responsive the relevant parties have been in the process. The workflow is based on stages and targets. 

As you can see from the image above the workflow status is colour coded in a traffic light system showing the steps:

  • Complete - Green
  • Due for completion - Orange
  • Overdue steps - Red

The workflow feature also allows you to complete each step by clicking on the step. For example, by selecting Date Notification Given By Worker a pop up will appear (as shown below) allowing you to input the relevant date. 


The workflow feature activates the alerts function, please see Alerts section below. 

For more information regarding Workflow please refer to the Settings area. 

3. Alerts

Alerts are items/tasks due for completion such as workers medical certificate due to be updated or overdue.

Alerts for the claim will show on the dashboard.


These alerts will also show in your Inbox and you will receive the alerts via email. 

4. Pending Actions 

Actions are reminders and notes set by users for action that require completion.

There are four action types:

  • Managers Actions
  • Claims Administrator Actions
  • Investigative Actions
  • Corrective Actions

The latest actions are summarised for the incident are summarised on the dashboard.


Pending actions can also be found in the Inbox and send via email to the user or contact assigned to the action.

Quick Add Actions

Actions can be added using the Quick Add button on the Dashboard or under the Notes tab. 

  • By selecting the Quick Add button a drop down list will appear. Select from the list.


A pop up will then appear containing the following field:

Content - A default list of templates is available using the drop down or the user may free type into the contents field.  

Actions require additional details. 


Assigned To - enter the name of the user. Begin typing into the field and matching options will appear in a drop down below.

If left blank as the user adding the action will automatically be assigned. 


Notifications - Actions are automatically set to enable notification to be sent the user/contact via email. This can be disable by deselecting the tick box.  

Due Date - select the date the action is to be completed by. 

Document Upload - the drop down enables you to set whether a document is required to be uploaded upon completion of the action

High Priority - select this box if you wish the action to be highlighted as a High Priority.

The Action will then be reflected in the Notes area, in the Pending Actions on the dashboard and on the Calendar. 

For more information on Alerts and Actions please see the following articles:



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