Moving Form Submissions

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Web-linked forms can be managed from the Form Submissions area as long as required. Once a form no longer has outstanding actions or is determined that it requires escalation to an Incident / Claim, there are 3 options for moving the form.

  1. Archive
  2. Move to existing Incident / Claim
  3. Move to new Incident / Claim

Whenever a form is move out of Form Submissions, the Orange number alert next to the SUBMISSIONS / FILES tab will decrease as forms are moved.

Form Submission Reports will continue to include data from all web-linked forms, regardless of which area of Injury Master they are moved to.



If a form in Form Submissions has no outstanding actions and isn’t considered serious enough to escalate to an Incident / Claim, the form can be moved from the Current to the Archived tab of Form Submissions.

Forms can be archived one of 2 ways.

  1. Archive icon (below form title)
  2. Archive multiple button (top of page once box[es] are selected)

 Once you select Archive, a window will appear asking you to confirm if you want to archive the file(s). Select Archive again to move files to the Archived tab.


Move to Existing Incident / Claim

If an Incident / Claim already exists in Injury Master related to the person or incident described in the form submission, the form can be moved directly to the Documents library within that Incident / Claim.


Use the following steps to move forms to existing Incidents / Claims:

  1. Select box(es) next to forms you wish to move
  2. Select Move button at top of screen
  3. Search for current Incident / Claim by typing in search bar or selecting drop-down window to browse
  4. Select Move


The file will then be moved out of Form Submissions and appear in the Documents library of your chosen Incident / Claim.


Move to New Incident / Claim

In the course of managing web-linked form in Form Submissions, you may determine the incident is serious enough to be escalated to an Incident / Claim. You can create a new Incident / Claim from the options within Form Submissions. This is a feature unique to the Form Submissions area of Injury Master.

Unlike archiving or moving to existing Incidents / Claims, forms used to create a new Incident / Claim will send a copy to the Documents library, but will remain in the Form Submissions area. This is to allow for a single form (which captures one EVENT) to be used to create multiple CONSEQUENCES (e.g. injury, hazard, claim).

For more information on EVENTS and CONSEQUENCES, please refer to Web-Linked Form Submissions.


To move a form to a new Incident / Claim, select the drop-down arrow and then choose Create New Incident or Create New Claim accordingly.

Once you have made your choose, you will be redirected to the Add Incident / Claim page, and the form will appear alongside as a Reference Form to assist you.


Once you have finished creating Incidents / Claims with the form submission, you can simply archive it as with any other forms.


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