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The AWE calculator, which calculates Average Weekly Earnings for Workers Compensation claims attached to a Western Australian Policy, is accessed through the Wage Compensation Setup page. 


Using the AWE Calculator

The calculator is split into four sections. Some fields will automatically be complete based on information already entered into the system. 

There are blue ? next to some fields, this is a help tool. Please select for further information regarding the field. 
For any fields that are not applicable leave as 0.00.


Weeks Employed - number of weeks the worker has been employed.

Industrial Award - Select Yes or No from the drop down. Based on the selection the relevant sections will appear.


Industrial Award - YES

Award Rate & Overtime, Bonuses & Allowances

  • If Yes is selected in the Industrial awards field these sections will appear for completion


  • Award Rate - what is the workers industrial awarded hourly rate.
  • Over Award or Service Payments - the rate per hour of any regular over award payments (such as annual leave loading or rostered overtime).

  • Regular Allowances - the rate per hour of any allowances paid on a regular basis (such as shift allowance). 

  • Ordinary Hours of Work Per Week - the workers contracted/awarded fixed weekly hours or the average hours worked over the 52 week period.

Overtime, Bonuses & Allowances

  • Total overtime, bonuses and allowances paid to the worker in the 13 weeks before the worker was injured.


Industrial Award - NO


  • If No is selected in the Industrial awards field the earnings section will appear for completion.


  • Complete the total earnings paid to the worker in the 52 weeks before the worker was injured - into the relevant fields.

Average Week Earnings

Based on the sections complete (either the Award Rate & Overtime, Bonuses & Allowances or the Earnings section) the AWE will be automatically calculated and show in the Average Weekly Earnings section.


  • The AWE with Overtime, Bonuses & Allowances is the amount the worker is entitled to for the first 13 weeks of receiving payments.
  • The Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) is the amount the worker is entitled to receive from 14 weeks onwards.

If there are no overtime, bonuses & allowances the two figures will be the same.  

Please note - both the fields can be manually overridden if required.

Once complete select Save Changes to be returned to the Wage Compensation Setup Page.

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