What is a Widget

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Many of Injury Master's documents that can be created under the Generate Document tab contain widgets. These are the buttons you will find on the right-hand side when generating a document, as shown below:


What is a Widget?
The purpose of the widget is to give control to the user by enabling them to select the information entered into the field from information already in the Injury Master system. 

Injury Master will auto-complete information in documents based on what has been entered into the system however widgets have been used when information is subject to change (such as locations and contacts) giving the user more control and saving time by reducing the amount of manual entry required.

Even if the information is not in the system the user can use the widget to insert new information (such as add a new address) meaning it is now in the system for future use. 

How to Use a Widget


  1. When opting to use a widget to insert information into the document you are generating select the widget (or button).
  2. A drop down will appear, as shown in the image below giving you several options:


    1. Insert - If the information is already assigned to the claim (or incident) it will show in the list as an option to insert. For example, as shown above Green Valley's Canberra ACT location has been assigned to this claim meaning it shows at the top of the list to add.
    Please note this will not be an option for all widgets only where this information is already assigned to the claim (or incident)

    2. Browse - Alternatively you can add information already in the system but not assigned to the claim (or incident). To do this select Browse (Location/Contact). A list will then appear from which you can select, as shown below.


    3. Create New - If the information is not already in Injury Master you can Insert New (Location/Contact) which will produce a pop up enabling you to add the new information adding it to the document and to the Injury Master system for future use, as shown below.  
    Please ensure the information is not already in the system before creating a new record of the information.



Once select the field(s) will auto-complete with the selected information, as shown below.


Information can be entered into fields manually rather than using widgets, however the information entered manually into documents will not be saved for future/other claims or incidents. The intention of widgets is to save users time when generating documents.


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