Wage Comp Dashboard Overview

Last modified by MasterApps Support on 2021/06/18 02:24

The Dashboard Wage Comp summary shows the number of outstanding compensation periods for all claims.


Viewing Wage Comp

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Compensation periods are defined according to the following states:

  • Not Set (red)
  • Not Requested (orange)
  • Request Pending (yellow)

The definitions of the different states can be viewed by hovering mouse over coloured tile (see right image above). The number next to the coloured tile indicates the number of weeks of compensation corresponding to that state for the particular worker.


Filtering Wage Comp 


Wage Comp can be filtered according to the state of compensation period (as above) and can include or exclude ‘archived’ claims (excluded by default).


Selecting the worker’s name will redirect you to the Wage Compensation tab within the specific worker’s claim to complete the item/task.

Once reimbursement has been received for a given compensation period, this can be marked as 'Received' and will no longer appear on the dashboard.


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