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Injury Master has the ability to generate relevant incident and claims management documents such as Injury Claim forms, suitable duty templates and GP introduction letters. 

How to generate a document:

  1. Select the Generate Document tab, a drop down list of the documents will appear.
  2. Select the document you wish to generate (the documents shown in the image below may vary to your company specific documents).

  3. You will then be directed to the relevant document creation page. The document will contain a combination of fields and pre-filled text.

    Some of  the fields will be pre-filled from the information already in Injury Master system and other fields will require completion.

    Complete all boxes required and check the pre-filled boxes, edit if required.

    The below shows an example Employer Injury Claim form for Victoria, Queensland and NSW.


    Information pre-filled can be overwritten if required. 

    Many of the documents create widgets which enable you to select information already in the Injury Master system and input into the chosen fields.

    Widgets are the buttons you will find on the right-hand side of fields.


    To use a widget to input information click on the button and select from the following options: 

    If the information is already assigned to the claim (or incident) it will show in the list as an option to insert.
    For example, as shown above Green Valley's Bayswater VIC location has been assigned to this claim meaning it shows at the top of the list to add.
    Please note this will not be an option for all widgets only where this information is already assigned to the claim (or incident).

    Alternatively you can add information already in the system but not assigned to the claim (or incident). To do this select Browse (Location/Contact). A list will then appear from which you can select, as shown below. 

    Create New 
    If the information is not already in Injury Master you can Insert New (Location/Contact) which will produce a pop up enabling you to add the new information adding it to the document and to the Injury Master system for future use, as shown below.  
    Please ensure the information is not already in the system before creating a new record of the information.

    For more information on Widgets please see the What is a Widget article.
  4. Once complete select one of the following options (the following options are dependent on the document you are generating):

    Complete - the document will be generated. You can view or edit if required. 

    Draft - creates the same document but will show in the system as draft. 

    Saving Changes - the document will show in the system as incomplete (until the document is completed).

    Modify Results - this enables you to to edit the template.

    Once created the document will be stored under the Documents tab.

    Please see Documents article for further information.

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